Friday, March 18, 2011

Toffee cupcakes

I am always finding recipes that I want to try but I can't have that many cupcakes just sitting around my house.... Not good for my waistline and not good for my boys's energy level! Please give me work, let me practice! I just baked the cupcakes for my sister's baby shower, I am baking cupcakes for a birthday party in a couple weeks, and baking a cupcake tower for my soon to be sister in law's wedding this summer! I am constantly looking for an excuse to bake so friends for dinner provides a perfect opportunity. Last night I baked a toffee cupcake with a salted caramel buttercream. Oh so good! I loved the cupcake but the frosting was too buttery for my taste. Next time, I will make a little more caramel and use a little less butter.


  1. They were yum yum! I dont know how you keep such a skinny waistline with all this baking you do. Your more than welcome to do Madisons bday cupcakes and Ill pay for everything :) Only if you want to though :)

  2. Yes I want to for sure! Thanks, Bethany I'm excited!!

  3. I may have you make me some, those look soooo good...I have all kinds I'm wanting you to make I'll just have to have you find recipies and I'll buy the stuff, you do that baking!! They would be good gifts to give to someone, need to come up with a price to sell cupcakes!!